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  • Is this a dating or professional networking service?
    Nope! neither. Just a means of connecting interesting people for enriching experiences. However, the possibilities here are endless! All we ask is that you respect your fellow members and their wishes.
  • Is there more than meeting over drinks or food?
    Yes! We are starting talks on interesting topics at an art gallery on the LES in NYC in the fall 2023. Stay tuned!
  • Will I be “matched” with specific people?
    No! However, we select our members for a good fit with the community and let interesting connections arise serendipitously. Everyone at your event may not be the same age as you are or come from the same background, but we think that’s incredibly important! Our members are educated, interesting, successful open minded individuals, and we promise the connections you make here will be meaningful even if unexpected :)
  • How many people per hangout?
    Each event will include 4-8 people - the perfect number for a great time: everyone gets to know all others. We also offer larger events intermittently.
  • Where is Sipper operating?
    We’re currently hosting gatherings in NYC — where we initially launched — but are excited to expand to all major US cities in the near future. We are starting in Paris and Malaga (Spain) in the fall 2023. If you’d like to see us in your city, make sure to fill out an application & tell your friends about us! once we have enough members in any given city we’ll be able to launch there, too :)
  • How much does it cost?
    To join a hangout you will pay the $15 fee. You can also buy an annual membership that allows you to join any event for free. Once you’re accepted as a member you are able to reserve a spot at any upcoming hangout with availability.
  • Who pays?
    Each member in attendance is expected to cover their own drinks unless otherwise specified. While we do our best to work with bars and restaurants to provide separate checks and make this process as smooth as possible, if your group elects to pay with one card and split the bill later via Venmo, PayPal, CashApp or any other payment service, you are responsible for collecting those payments prior to leaving the spot. We cannot be held responsible for settling the bill afterwards.
  • What if I can’t make it?
    We ask that you let us know if you can’t make it asap so we can open your spot to other community members. We will charge a $50 fee for any cancellations within 12 hours of your scheduled event or "no call no-shows" who do not notify us prior to the scheduled event that they will not be attending. Your membership will also be suspended for 2 months after one no call no-show. This isn't meant to be punitive, but your presence is important! The events we host are small, and even one person's absence without warning affects the logistics and dynamic of the experience significantly. Your reservation fee is nonrefundable, but if you notify us within 24 hour of the hangout we'll be happy to provide a credit or schedule you into another upcoming event.


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