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Our Story

In the sprawling urban landscapes of large and vibrant cities, the pulse of city life can sometimes mask the quieter, lonelier corners. The pandemic only deepened this sense of isolation, leading the US Surgeon General to issue a warning about an "epidemic of loneliness."

In February 2023, Michael and Sasha started Sipper in New York, aiming to create spaces for genuine meaningful conversations among people from different walks of life. Our intention wasn't just to connect people but to open doors to enriching experiences and, who knows, perhaps even that serendipitous spark with someone special. Having hosted over 40 hangouts, we've seen members – educated, accomplished, and interesting – form bonds that extend beyond the events. Encouraged by our successes in New York, we're branching out to charming Paris and vibrant Madrid.

Join us in bridging distances, forging real-world connections, and perhaps finding unexpected companionship amidst engaging dialogues.

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